Marie joined Trophic Communications as Account Executive and provides the organization with another layer of strong, scientific support. Having joined the team while completing her PhD in Experimental Medicine from the Technical University Munich, she is enthusiastic to apply her scientific background, which also includes a Master’s in Biology from the University of Regensburg, to the expansive ecosystem of strategic life science communications and investor relations. As a part of the Trophic team, she is responsible for leading research for a variety of projects, supporting the development of content in both English and German and executing a number of individualized strategies for a wide range of clients. Her approach to the business, which includes gaining a comprehensive overview of what makes each client unique, germinates from a strong passion for effectively communicating about science.

When Marie isn’t at her desk, she can frequently be found in deep conversation with Willow “Bean” Roters and is known to have a drawer of tasty treats waiting to be consumed by Trophic’s most esteemed canine colleague. Apart from being an ardent office dog supporter, Marie is an active member of a nature conservation association and enjoys going hiking in the stunning mountainside of the Alps. She is also determined to deepen her knowledge of Italian cuisine but in the meantime makes outstanding “Schweinsbraten” and homemade “Knödel”, two classic and delightful staples of Bavarian cuisine.