Trophic serves as a strategic partner for all aspects of communications for life science companies. We apply a deep understanding of both the science and business of drug development and the capital needed for success. Based on breadth and depth of experience, Trophic has become the go-to advisory for presenting corporate stories and scientific concepts. Current client portfolio ranges from biotech start-ups, listed biopharmas and small and large pharmaceutical companies.


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Big #congrats to our client, Confo Therapeutics, for launching their new #website: Check it out to learn more about how Confo applies its #technology to stabilize #GPCRs to uncover a wide range of previously inaccessible drug targets.

Struggling while #WorkingfromHome? This @TIME article presents 10 ergonomic tips you can follow to "work" toward a healthy #HomeOffice. When Bean works from home, she keeps a healthy posture & takes frequent snack & garden breaks to stay fit:

Check out today's #GoogleDoodle celebrating Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th Birthday. Meyer was a German chemist who contributed to creating the 1st #PeriodicTable of #chemical elements. Visit the link to learn more:

Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th Birthday

Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th Birthday! #GoogleDoodle

Happy to see our client @GtxMedical mentioned in a @forbes article highlighting the #FDA #BreakthroughDesignation status for its innovative Go-2 spinal implant device providing Targeted Epidural Spinal Stimulation (TESS) for people with #SpinalCordInjury:

Could A Spinal Implant Give Artificial Hands A Sense Of Touch?

Scientists based at the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a technique that they hope will allow people to ‘feel’ with prosthetic ha...

We dedicate July’s #BeanOfTheMonth to all #EssentialWorkers giving their all during the #pandemic, including #ServiceDogs. This @nytimes article highlights the importance of canine friends at a Children’s hospital. Bean wags her tail in approval:

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