Announcing Industry Debut with Distinct Branding and Name

When making a biotech industry debut, it is vital for any startup to effectively communicate its approach and express its potential in a targeted, unmet medical need, whether entering a saturated market space or not. A new client hired Trophic to define its core messaging and differentiate itself from other players in the virotherapy and greater immuno-oncology space to ensure a successful industry debut that would make a splash and set the tone for future business development.

Drafting Key Concepts/Website

Trophic conducted a kickoff meeting with the client to outline several key elements needed to properly position the company and its vision including a positioning statement, competitor analysis, key messaging tones and also recommended a rebranding with a new name. Based on the initial meeting, Trophic drafted a new boilerplate and established key concepts to express the new corporate identity while generating a highly related and distinctive new name. Trophic worked closely together with the company and an external website developer to create a web presence for the company to be launched alongside a Series A announcement to fully leverage the momentum of the company launch and make a lasting impression as a new player in the space.

Implementing a Compelling Online Presence

Experts in managing website projects that accurately portray corporate stories to a variety of key audiences, Trophic successfully led the efforts to launch the company’s new webpage and ensure that its unique corporate story and name were represented in an equally stand-alone website. Trophic understands the importance of first impressions whether in-person or over a webpage and ensured that both the website copy and design worked in unison in order to present the company in the most accurate and attractive light to webpage visitors. The company received overwhelmingly positive feedback on its launch and became an attractive biotech to watch as a biotech harnessing the power of arena viruses to create novel antivirus therapeutics for cancer.