Rachael joined Trophic in 2021 as an Account Executive, bringing a unique scientific perspective to the team. Recently, she earned her PhD from the University of Cambridge, where she began her career by investigating neural networks in fruit flies and cuttlefish as well as network development in human cerebral organoids. At Trophic, Rachael combines her neuroscience background with her passion for graphic design to create thought-provoking and visually masterful content. She brings a keen eye and an admirable level of passion to the work that she does, and is committed to providing Trophic’s clientele with the best service possible.

When not working, Rachael enjoys listening and performing choral music, a hobby that has allowed her to perform on various stages from Hong Kong to the United States. She is also known for her love of cephalopods and her ability to make trendy 3D glasses for cuttlefish.