Luis joined Trophic Communications in late 2018 as an Intern and is an integral part of the team responsible for providing assistance on both short- and long-term projects including client-specific media monitoring, social media plan development, media outreach, English-to-German translations and a variety of content creation. Currently, a master’s student at the LMU University in Munich, Luis frequently applies his Molecular and Cellular Biology education to scan scientific texts and succinctly identify key information that can be used to support and enhance overall client service.

When he is not hard at work navigating the ins and outs of everything public and investor relations, Luis is tending to his beloved sourdough culture which has rendered dozens of mouth-watering bread loaves. In addition to his rigorous role as a sourdough-culture caretaker, Luis tutors university courses, frequents thrift shops to solidify his image as a “non”-hipster, ruins 2-3 industries a day as a result of being a millennial and has developed a problematic relationship with Sriracha, a heavenly red chili sauce that has recently launched a new flavor featuring MORE garlic.